Beautiful interiors of restaurants from Katrina Antonovich

The restaurant has long become not just a place for celebration and eating. Today, this is practically a sacred place, in which life rages, in which important issues are discussed, in which the most important events in life are celebrated. Today, designers and architects design the restaurant to the rank of art. In the works of the main designer of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design Katrina Antonovich, the interior of the restaurant becomes a bright accent, which affects the mood of the overall design concept. One of the examples of elegant solutions is the new restaurant design in Florida. Bright style, fashionable design, unique concept. All these moments Katrina Antonovich reflected in the festive and enchanting interior of the restaurant.
Beautiful interiors of restaurants, Katrina Antonovich
Beautiful interiors of restaurants, Katrina AntonovichBeautiful interiors of restaurants, Katrina Antonovich

House interior design Florida by Katrina Antonovich

A house that embodies all the main moments of human happiness. When everything is in its place, when every detail pleases the eye, when everything surrounds the warmth of the home. The new design of the house project in the modern style that Katrina Antonovich developed has a unique character, which has features of stability, balance and confidence in the future. A pleasant palette of interior shades sets on the warmth of the soul. The height of the ceilings gives a feeling of stability and confidence in the future. Designer Katrina Antonovich improvises perfectly with the details of the decor of the building and the configuration of the windows. With the help of lighting accents, the author of the project creates a surprisingly harmonious view of the building.

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Fashion interior 2019 from Katrina Antonovich

Fashionable gloss of walls, marble overflows on the floor, beautiful natural onyx pattern, lighting accents, geometric ornaments, brass, delicate silk in pastel and perfect organization of space. These all moments are fashionable accents in interior design 2019 from Katrina Antonovich. The interior designer anticipates new trends, sets interesting trends, using creative ideas. In this dining room with high ceilings and a large panoramic window there is an exalted and festive mood. The mood when you have achieved great success and the whole world lies at your feet. Modern style remains the leader in terms of improvisation with materials, textures and shades. And this design project Katrina Antonovich skillfully defeated the natural materials of the décor by combining them with new technologies.

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Gourmet Restaurant interior design by Katrina Antonovich

The world of haute cuisine requires a certain environment. Exquisite dishes should be tasted in a beautiful setting. Katrina Antonovich created the interior, when sensual pleasures are interwoven from tasty food with aesthetic pleasure from contemplating the interior. Modern style has become the basis of the design concept. The interior perfectly emphasizes the advantages of an architectural layout of a room with high windows. A discreet palette of shades is diluted with bright accents of furniture and lighting. The open kitchen harmoniously blended into the interior, without loading space and leaving the main role to the visitors of the restaurant. Light motifs of geometric ornaments in the ceiling decoration and screens near the table complement the fashionable chic interior.
 Restaurant design, Katrina Antonovich, Antonovich Design, the best designers of the worldRestaurant design, Katrina Antonovich, Antonovich Design, the best designers of the world

House Design in Miami of Katrina Antonovich

The perfect harmony in architectural projects Katrina Antonovich is achieved by the interrelation between the external appearance of the building, its internal layout and the surrounding landscape design. In the new project, the architect uses classical style motifs with Mediterranean notes. The building has a light and graceful charm, thanks to the presence of large windows. On the background of a light facade, exquisite forged decor elements look. Landscape design laconically continues the interior of the house. Perfection in everything, harmony in every detail, maximum comfort in every moment. It is these principles that guide the architect Katrina Antonovich, creating her masterpieces.

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The house project of Katrina Antonovich

A new history of family traditions, hospitality and warmth of the hearth is told in the new design project of the house from the studio of Luxury Antonovich Design. The project manager Katrina Antonovich proposed an ideal variant in the spirit of classical traditions. Elegant facade, cozy landscape design and respectable interior design. This project became an example of complex solutions, when customers provided a plan for the acquired land, and all the remaining design work was undertaken by a team of professionals from the Antonovich Design studio. The house will become a real oasis in which every member of the family will feel absolutely comfortable.

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Restaurant interior design in Dubai from Katrina Antonovich

A bright holiday of happiness, joyful emotions and pleasures talentedly reflected in the interior of the restaurant in Dubai Katrina Antonovich. Eastern style in this project has acquired a very vivid image of luxury and comfort. Interior designers make maximum use of lighting accents, which make the interior picturesque and expressive. The combination of gold, crystal and marble fills the interior of the restaurant with a magical splendor. The interior is ideally combined with the architectural layout of the building. In this interior of the restaurant, each holiday will remain in your memory for a long time. It is an ideal solution for celebratory events.

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Womanly Interior Design by Katrina Antonovich

Only a real woman who has the perfect taste and understanding of the beautiful will be able to fully appreciate the need for a house in her own dressing room. This practical and functional corner of the house in the works of Katrina Antonovich becomes something more than just a place for storing clothes, shoes and accessories. This is quite a sacred symbol of love and harmony, comfort and pleasure. It is in such interiors that the selection of a wardrobe becomes an excellent ritual. Here everyone becomes a little artist, creating his own image. It is this inspiring motive in each design project that Katrina Antonovich proposes. Beauty will save the world and it may be in this cloak room that this saving and enchanting beauty begins.

Katrina Antonovich, the most beautiful interiors of the worldKatrina Antonovich, the most beautiful interiors of the worldKatrina Antonovich, the most beautiful interiors of the worldKatrina Antonovich, the most beautiful interiors of the world

The restaurant architectural design by Katrina Antonovich

The new architectural design of the restaurant from Katrina Antonovich embodies the unification of beautiful traditions and modern technologies. Romantic motifs of fairy tales 1000 and one night, the depth of eastern culture and the mystery of Arabian patterns. All these moments were reflected by the architect Katrina Antonovich in the new architectural project. The author, as always, pays close attention to small things. The most complicated ornaments of the Arabian ligature adorned the facade of the building. The melody of marble is imprinted in ornate ornaments. Entrance doors themselves are works of art. Against the backdrop of a dark natural tree of valuable breed, the web of gold in the form of oriental ornaments looks very beautiful. With the help of lighting accents, architect Katrina Antonovich makes the building more textured and refined. The highlight of the project was high windows in lancet frames. The building expresses cordiality, openness and an easy festive mood.

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Living room design Miami of Katrina Antonovich

In interiors from Katrina Antonovich time is passing away, space is filled with beauty and such eternal values ​​as warmth of a home and absolute comfort. Stop the moment, you're fine! To stop the moment in which you feel absolute happiness is quite possible. This is successfully done in each of his work, the chief designer of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design Katrina Antonovich. In the interior of the living room the fashionable tendencies of design are permeated and sensually reflected. The designer uses a soft play of contrasts. In the predominant light palette, the nice blue inserts are supplemented with mirror panels and lighting accents. A kind of cozy islet of Versailles among a boiling modern metropolis managed to create a designer.
 Living room design Miami,  Katrina Antonovich

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